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Playing with Percy

So you may be aware that we recently acquired a new mare. Or maybe I should say MARE. This isn't just any run of the mill broodmare. Boomerang (Didaji ter know these warmbloods, always with the fancy European names) competed very successfully to the 1.45m herself; her dam (by Baloubet du Rouet) did the 1.55m and her granddam did the 1.3m. On top of that, her great-granddam is the direct maternal granddam of Vigo D'Arssouilles (also by Nabab de Reve), so to say she's from a strong damline is an understatement. When we saw that she was available, we knew this was an opportunity that most likely wouldn't repeat. We purchased her in foal to Grand Prix jumper Damokles (Ukato x Goodwill) and Perseus was born just a couple of short weeks later. Chestnut, two rear stockings, a super cool stripe and seriously: the sweetest colt EVER.

Perseus PS KUB (Damokles x Boomerang by Nabab de Reve)

Because we had not had Boomerang long and were going to be horse showing near her due date, we let Boomerang foal out at our awesome veterinarian's facility; while they have been AMAZING I am ready to have them home. We have been struggling with whether we should pick them up then go back for insemination or allow them to remain at the clinic until afterwards. We have to weigh the expense of keeping the mare and foal at the clinic (and not having the opportunity to play with them daily) against the convenience of leaving them and the risk of trailering a mare and young foal. We are hoping to inseminate Boomerang soon, so they will most likely remain at the clinic until we've completed that.

Of course, the big decision is who to breed her to this season. I'm not going to spoil the fun and tell you who the boyfriend is, but do us a favor and keep your fingers crossed for us, as it will be a VERY exciting cross!

I went to see him today. The little flirt nickered to us as we walked up to his paddock. He was extremely interested in playing; however, Boomerang is a total helicopter mom. Once she realized we weren't going to attack Percy she was fine, and he loved the attention. Between his precious curly tail, his adorable ears, his perfect markings and the fact that he's bred to jump the big jumps...


I am not sure how we are going to let this one go, but that's the conundrum of the breeding business, right? We can't keep breeding them if we don't sell them, but it doesn't make it easy. It was so much fun playing with the little guy today - we can't wait until he's home!!

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