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Our story began as so many do...

Once upon a time, there were two girls. And the horses they loved.

From middle school on - through books, boys and broken hearts - these girls shared a mutual love for horses, particularly a mare named Prelude. 

When it came time to name their new venture, it seemed fitting to honor this mare and what she began.

prelude: an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.

Prelude was beautiful, athletic, a fantastic mover and the most sensible horse you ever met. We seek to produce those qualities in the warmbloods and ponies we breed. We chose our mares carefully, with comprehensive consideration of bloodlines, athleticism, beauty and temperament. While we focus primarily on show jumpers and hunters, producing sensible athletes suitable for sport divisions is our goal.

If you are looking for a young warmblood foal or prospect for sport, ​please contact us to learn more about what we are doing at Prelude.

- Ashley & Tara



Prelude Sporthorses operates out of two locations:

Wellspring Farm

1719 Nunally Farm Road

Monroe, GA 30655




407 Highway 229

Social Circle, GA 30025


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