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We've Lost Our Minds...

Or at least this is what everyone tells us. We're two former young, horse-crazed girls turned middle-aged horse-crazed moms, just trying to breed the perfect equine athlete while juggling college students, teens, middle-schoolers, our own children's horse-craziness, shows, getting dinner on the table and folding the laundry.

Who are we kidding? We pick up takeout and yesterday's laundry is still on the couch. But there is some truth in the rest of it.

Yes, we could just purchase made hunters or young jumper prospects. It would definitely be easier, probably be cheaper and almost certainly make the husbands MUCH happier. But there's nothing quite like researching pedigrees, analyzing videos, sorting through warmblood registry information looking for THE STALLION to cross with THE MARE. And then waiting almost a full year to see what that pairing yields. It might sound crazy to some of you, but seeing those first few moments of momma and baby bonding, the first attempts to stand, the first turnout...all of these things make the hard work worth it.

Parvita (Riverman x Flora by Carolus I) and her 2019 filly Cabeswater PS by Carrico.

Are their headaches? Oh yes. Heartache? Absolutely.

But the dream of producing top, European-quality warmblood sport horses here in North America is too strong a lure to deny, so here we are. We've decided to document some of the chaos, a bit of the drama, a dash of the analytics, a big part of our neuroses and a taste of the love and satisfaction that comes from our warmblood breeding endeavors here. We hope you'll join us!

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